Sexting Dangers

The advent of camera phones, coupled with exuberant, teenage curiosity and minimal parental supervision, has led to a disturbing new trend among high-school students: ‘sexting.’ Never before has it been so easy for teens to share information and the technology-boosted practice has parents and school officials frightened.

Fueling the fire is the number of celebrities who have recently made headlines for similar indiscretions. Young people are wired to seek attention and may see a few simple text messages or racy pictures as safer than physical acts.

Transmitting sexually-explicit photographs isn’t just a thrilling lark; for many teens it can lead to embarrassment, molestation, or even criminal charges of their own. Depending upon the ages of those involved, a conviction can result in one being prosecuted and labeled as a sex offender.

Even without legal complications, dangers for teenagers who take or transmit sexually oriented photos exist. In today’s technologically advanced environment, these graphics can literally exist forever – far beyond the point of harmless fun.