WoW Gold Secrets


Having two gathering professions is one secret to making thousands of WoW gold. With the addition of the Inscription profession to the game, the prices of all herbs have gone through the roof. This allows players of all levels to get in on the herb-farming market and start making tons of gold. Also, all levels of cloth can sell for several gold per stack.

If you must have a crafting profession, look for at least one or two rare-level quality items in your list of recipes. The items they create can sell for up to 100 gold each. Enchanting requires a heavy time and gold investment; the secret to making WoW gold with this profession is by disenchanting gear and selling the mats.


Everyone is doing the daily cooking quest for Kirin Tor rep, and more often than not Chilled Meat is required. Selling for several gold per stack, the meat is easy enough to farm with any class that has AoE abilities. You’ll want to pay a little visit to the Hardknuckles in Sholazar Basin or the Lion Seals in Howling Fjord, as these are best for drop rates.

While you’re in Sholazar, you might notice the Air and Water Elementals along the northwestern upper ledge. A little-known secret is that individualized Crystallized elemental mats sell for more gold than the combined Eternals.

If you don’t mind being flagged for PvP, the absolute best secret gold farming technique is grinding the Elementals in Wintergrasp. Revenants have a better than 100% drop rate for Crystallized Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. For maximum WoW gold, make sure to sell the individual Crystals and not combined Eternals.


The biggest secret to playing the Auction House is to “know your server.” Savvy WoW players will be able to make all the gold they could ever need by understanding the needs of their fellow gamers.

Using an auctioning add-on is a great secret that takes most of the guesswork out of making gold from the Auction House. Scan your Auction House on Tuesday mornings before maintenance and bid on low-priced consumables. Re-sell these beginning early Thursday afternoon so as to catch the raiding crowd before the weekend.